Bill makes
house calls!
Dr. Bill Puett provides a simple, gentle, and
wonderfully relaxing therapy that effectively helps the
mind and body to regain their balance. His
hypnotherapy approach rekindles the power of the
subconscious mind to bring about positive changes in
each client. The power of the subconscious to bring
about health and well being is much underestimated
and underappreciated. Bill emphasizes that it is the
client who brings about the changes, not him. He
educates the client and facilitates, through hypnosis,
the amazing changes that can take place. In other
words, Bill’s hypnotherapy empowers his clients.
Certified Hypnotherapist; Registered Medical,
Dental, and Smoking Cessation Specialist
Serving All of San Diego, Orange, and
Riverside Counties
Dr. Puett would be happy to
speak with you personally.
His phone number is
Discover the Extraordinary Benefits       
of Hypnotherapy
Bill Puett, Ph.D.
Bill Puett, Ph.D. does not
diagnose or treat medical,
dental, or psychological
conditions. He is a legal
alternative wellness
provider and not a
licensed healing arts