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Dr. Bill Puett provides a simple, gentle, and wonderfully relaxing therapy that effectively helps the mind and body to regain their balance. His hypnotherapy approach rekindles the power of the subconscious mind to bring about positive changes in each client. The power of the subconscious to bring about health and well being is much underestimated and underappreciated. Bill emphasizes that it is the client who brings about the changes, not him. He educates the client and facilitates, through hypnosis, the amazing changes that can take place. In other words, Bill's hypnotherapy empowers his clients.


While in hypnosis, you will be deeply relaxed and will be temporarily removed from all cares and concerns. You will be conscious and fully alert at all times, not "tranced out." Even if your session includes your overcoming grief or fears, you will remain fully relaxed. Time will pass very quickly, and you will come out of your hypnotic state refreshed, alert, relaxed, and feeling wonderful.

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