Stop smoking for life!


Dr. Puett uses a breakthrough hypnosis technique that turns cigarette addicts into non-smokers in one three-hour session. Even if you have previously tried hypnosis without success, his approach is guaranteed to work for you.

Bonus stress-reducing technique

Want to lessen your daily stress? In addition to the stop smoking session and at no cost to you, Dr. Bill will give you a daily stress release technique that will leave you calm and relaxed.


You choose the time and place


Other services include:

Come in to our office or Bill will make a house call at no extra charge! Call him today to arrange your session.  If more than one session is needed, Dr. Bill works with you until you quit--at no extra cost.


Weight Loss

Pain Management

Overcoming grief

Overcoming fears

Stress reduction

Regression therapy

Past lives therapy




Life coaching

Vision therapy

Sports vision training and conditioning


And more!  Please inquire.


And on the lighter side -- event entertainment